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West Coast Chronology: from 1601 - 1985

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1601 - Van Spilbergen entered the bay (Saldanha) and named it.

1620 - Augustin Beaulieu wrote a description of the islands.

1623 - Olafsson landed at Scbaapen Island.

1648 - De Flacotart spent time reconnoitering the bay and he named the islands. A sailor was buried on Meeuwen.

1652 - Van Riebeek sent Sijmon Pieterl Turver in the Goede Hoop to explore the bay. The same year Verburgh hunted whales and seals there.

1658 - Free burghers settled around Saldanha and trade started between Dutch and Cochoquas.

1659 - Potter was sent to the bay and did a survey and maps.

1660 - Van Riebeek came personally and started off the post at Kraalbaai with a garrison.

1666 - A French fleet landed and planted flags, but left the bay unmanned. Van Riebeek increased the garrison to eleven men. The islands were also manned by lookouts.
The first guano was shipped to the Cape in the Gecroonde Haring.

1669 - The Here XVII gave instructions for a permanent garrison to be established at Oude Post.

1670 - A French fleet under Adm. De la Haye arrived, arrested the garrison, then left.

1673 - The garrison was attacked by Kees, son of Gonnema. A retributive expedition was led by Goske from the Cape.

1693 - Captain George Dew in the Amy landed and was arrested in the bay by the Dutch ship Tamboer

1699 - Other pirates land and strip the Amy before fleeing a Dutch flotilla from the Cape.

1702. - Wreck of the Meerestyn.

1732 - Oude Post shifted from Kraalbaai to new location.

1781 - English fleet under Adm. Johnstone attacked a Dutch fleet and the Middelburg was burnt and sunk.

1785 - The VOC beacon was planted at Geelbek.

1790 - Postholder Stofberg was granted the farm Stofberg-fontein.

1796 - Dutch Adm. Lucasí fleet was trapped in the bay by Adm. Elphinstone and captured.

1821 - The Government Post was shifted to Oosterwal on the eastern shores of the lagoon.

1844 - The guano rush started.

1863 - The American ship Alabama visited the bay. Later two prizes, the Sea Bride and the Tuscaloosa were sent to Saldanha.

1870 - Quarantine stations are started at Salamander bay and continue for the next ten years.

1902 - One of the two naval engagements of the Boer War alleged to have taken place in Saldanha.

1905 - Church Haven is founded by George Albert Lloyd.

1909 - Norwegian whalers start a whaling station at Donker-gat which remained operational until the Depression in 1930.

1985 - The founding of the West Coast National Park.

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Chronology received from Gabriel Athiros, Editor, "The Cape Odyssey"

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